I really want to thank you for the great job you did on our property. You are one of the best business people I have worked with here. I appreciate your skill & attention to detail. You will always be who I recommend when the opportunity presents itself. The offer to put an ad sign out front remains open"

-Shirley    08/2002

"Dear John and Tim,
Thank you for your statement just received. My check is enclosed, but the payment would not be complete if I did not also express my complete satisfaction. Your complete devotion to excellent work was obvious in your attention to every detail, promptly and professionally done. It was a pleasure to watch your courteous workers perform- and, I might add-not accompanied by the all to often blaring radio. I would consider it an honor to be included among your satisfied references. Thank you again for a job well done. Our best wishes for your continued success."

-Donald    07/1996

 "Dear John
In 2007 your company removed and replaced a 30 year old, seriously deteriorating concrete walkway, deck and stairway for us. At the time of the replacement, unknown to you, you received a defective batch of concrete from your concrete supplier. Because of this defective batch, there have been several problems with the concrete. Each time I contacted you about these problems, you immediately responded to my call, personally evaluated the situation, and took immmediate corrective action to remedy the condition. Your professionalism, desire to please, and prompt efforts to completely satisfy the customer have consistently shown a sincere desire to ensure that we receive the highest quality installation possible.
Thank you for the obvious pride you have exhibited in your products and company, a situation that is seldom seen these days"

-Lee     05/2010

 ' "Dear John & Tim,

We want to let you know how pleased we are with all the work you did for us at our home....The patio is beautiful and has earned many compliments for it's designers and builders.  Our vast 'sea of mud' has vanished under the desert landscape, and the plants and trees are flourishing.  When all of the above was underway, a long-time resident of Carson City asked me, "who is doing your landscaping?."  "Cassinelli"  , said I.  "You've chosen the best"' said she.  And we concur".'

-Maryellen & Jim    06/1997


"The yard looks great! Thank you so much for the best service I have ever had from anyone! You and your family, Cathy and your crew...are amazing!  All the best,"

-Lori          08/2011


"Dear Dennis & John,   we cannot thank you enough for the fantastic looking repair work your two Joes did for us! The two Joes are such nice people...we feel the elder Joe is an artist, he made our pool apron just look beautiful!! Sincerely hope and pray many of our friends will see their work and contact you to do their homes. I have a suspicion this will happen. We are very impressed with your company and you can depend on us to spread the word that you are great!"

-Glen & Cathy   06/2005


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